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Virtual Mentorship Huddle

Huddle 27 Virtual Mentorhip platform creates a support system to help guide, direct, and support young boys through the mentorship of pro athletes and professionals. Every boys needs a support system by men. Join the huddle for free and let us help your son as they get the chance to hear from athletes and professionals. A 6-8 week program for middle school to high school boys starts up soon! (Limited space available).



“We will achieve much more together as a united front, than apart as individuals.”

-Walt Harris, NFL

Official Pro Players is a global network of professional athletes from all sports, who have come together to remain socially active, socially responsible, and involved in the community. Our network is the only organization that unites current and retired athletes from all sports, both male and female. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the mission of Official Pro Players is to engage, unite, and empower the community.

The professional athletes who are members of Official Pro Players not only convey positive images in their respective sports, but also at the executive table and most importantly, in the community. Founded by Retired NFL Player and Philanthropist, Walt Harris, Official Pro Players offers a network of support and resources for the athletic community – such as career development, spiritual/professional consulting, and connecting our members to the community.

Official Pro Players was formed by Walter (Walt) Harris, a retired NFL Pro Bowler who spent an impressive 13 years in the NFL. Walt was selected by the Chicago Bears as the 13th overall draft pick in the 1st Round of the 1996 NFL Draft. Over his 13 NFL seasons, Harris played for four different franchises, including the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and San Francisco 49ers. He finished his professional career with 35 interceptions, 690 total tackles, 14 forced fumbles, and 12 fumble recoveries and a 2007 Pro Bowl Player nominee. Learn More By Clicking Here

Official Pro Players is a global network exclusively for professional athletes. We help leading, current or retired, professional athletes learn and grow through peer-to-peer engagements, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connections to experts. Official Pro Players was created with the vision to unite all athletes by establishing a brotherhood/sisterhood for engaging and empowering each other. By joining Official Pro Players, you will become a part of a network that is focused on being socially active, responsible, and involved in the success of our members and communities. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PERKS